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Friday, October 21, 2016


 T Path

Standing at a ‘T’ junction,
Observing the fate of trials
Writ of karma
What may decree?
From the brink of success
To path of failures
Converged to roads
Thus traveled,
Less mattered.

A road that never ends
With breathing dust for livings
And the cruise of wanders

A road becomes home
Chasing the horizons
Of dawn
Of dusk
Some skies white
All of the night
Some dark
All through the day

Some drops are left
On the brink of my eyes
A drop shines saffron
An offering to the Sun

Feeling and realizing the love of Mother Nature
The craze and smog of ambiances
Ambitions, passions and enthusiasms,
When Cuddles with mother earth
A spirit awakens,
From the sleep of ignorance. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013



                                            बलैइयाँ उतारतीं हैं
ये निशा अपने रंग से
जो घटा सावन की
छ्टा छ्ट रही है कुछ
पावस की हल्की फूलकारियों से
ये बूँदें बन गयी है
जो छलक पड़ी है कुछ पहले
जब जग सोना हो दो पल को .

कहीं ये शाम फिर से
शबनमी ना हो जाए
इन बयारों की मस्ती मे
मधम मधम
जो बह चली फिर
आँधियारे से कुछ पहले
संग संगिनी बनके

तन मन बहकाने को.

Monday, May 27, 2013

तन्हाई |

आज भी घनी दोपहर में
लू की तन उधेड़ती थपेड़ों में
धूल भरे खेतों से आगे
कहीं रेगिस्तान बने मैदानों में
है कराहती एक पोखर
तरस रही है दो बूँद पानी को।
उसी पोखर में,
एक मीन प्यासी बिलख रही है
दो बूँद पानी से सनी मिट्टी में।
उस हल्की सी भीगी मिट्टी से,
एक सौंधी सी खुश्बू उड़ चली है,
एक शामियने में 
जहाँ आज भी बैठी है
तन्हाई मेरी दुल्हन बनकर।

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


o lord! bestow upon me the boon of chastity,
Endow me with power masculinity,
Fill me with serene humanity,
Be me an ascetic sober, a man of spirituality,
God ! sovereignty ,broaden limits of my abilities,
Cast upon me the boon of chastity.

Haste i not, to sophisticate my deeds,
Mannerism , Behaviorism, be i best at it,
Gentleness of nature be decreed within me
womanizing lust of adulterous "feels"
I offer my "it all" to thee,
purify my thoughts for potentiality.
Grant me the boon of chastity

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


"Brutus" passed, has some ages, left in me
convincing me ethics, ascetics and sages
polite policies don't sue the righteousness
anymore, but one luciferious angel entangles
blinding,building my pride over the riches, worthless
swaying me, to and fro,
toying me, he-ho ! kudos.

The slicing and piercings do they really do
and mumble with humble hymn, is it pure?

sadist ascetics, is it true?
spiritual ritual i see down beneath.

And the pyre mourns, flames,flames it pour,
does it scream?, or does it roar?,
come play with me some more.

sigh-neigh, i'm on toe,
bring me some more foes.

Tonight, twilight fasts till dawn casts
some "shadows" in meadows
sweat to become dark in the wrath
of the rider of seven stallion, brilliant,
with his rainbow and raining arrows.
twitch, flicker and vanish while you shiver,
pursuit- pursuit, i'll pursuit, till last of the quiver.

rhyme rhyme goes arrow in row,
blasphemy blasphemy why did thou bestow.

do i die a righteous cause?
when atheist in me pulls over and over its brows.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

कहीं खोया खोया रहूँ ।

आ आलिंगन में बांध लूँ मैं,
तम्हे कभी न जाने दूँ मैं,
गेशु घने की छांव में , ये सारी  उम्र ही गुजर दू मै ,
तेरो अधरों की मुस्कान को मैं प्यार में बांध लू,
कभी जाने न दू मै।
कमल कोपल सी कमली नयन शुशोभित पे,
दैदिप्प्य संवार दू मै।
इस तन आवरण से जिससे तू मुझे रिझा रही हो ,
उधेड़ कर इनको तम्हे पा लूँ मैं,
इतना प्यार करूँ इतना प्यार करूं मैं,
कभी जाने न दू मैं।

तुझमे यूँ  डूबा-डूबा सा रहूँ मै ,
की मैं कौन हूँ , ये भी भूल जाऊं मैं,
और कभी देखूं  कभी अक्श कोई ,
तुमको ही पाऊँ मैं।
तेरी हर अदा को कविता में देखा करूँ ,
हिये में तस्वीर तेरी नित उकेरा करूँ मैं,
हर कला की हर साधना में साधा करूँ मैं,
आलिंगन में बांध लूँ,
कभी न जाने दूँ मैं।

रात दिन तम्हे लिखता रहूँ,
तुझमे डूबा डूबा कहीं खोया खोया रहूँ मैं।

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Trapped in blue pearl

The crystal shine on that blue pearl was a little purple a lil' hazy,
And shine on the green was added with a Ry sounded greenery,
The bliss of ambiance was making it divinely,
I couldn't sleep the whole night,
Cause there was no night no day,
Just the shine of pearl which was a lil purple and hazy?

I could plough the field and sow the seed all day long,
And there were no days that we could count ,
I could wait here all the years and 
And see how the flower in field  grows and blooms,
Cause there was no tiredness just lil satisfaction 
Seeing it blooming and the aroma 
Would give the meaning to the shine
Shine of blue purple which was purple and hazy?

The oceans we depart don't know whats the distance to other shore,
All i know i got a boat and i could row all day long,
And the days would be never be long enough
And there is no night there, in the clear pearl shine 
The shrine was in the wilderness and 'twas  was most civilized manner,
Where i lay waiting drifting slowly but surely,
I'll reach that shrine most beautiful,
And escape the crystal shine of that blue pearl that was a lil purple a lil' hazy.